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As part of my interview process for Codemasters they had me create a track in TrackMania. The brief stated the track must be fun and accessible.

I created a track which allowed the player to reach high speeds, even when going around corners. This was achieved by making long flowing corners which leave the player set up in almost the correct position for the next corner. This allowed the player to keep up their speed throughout the track.

Due to the limitations of the editor it is quite hard to make varied corners and track sections. To keep the track challenging I mixed track corner sections together, so the corner doesn’t flow in a constant turn. Forcing the player to slightly release the throttle or gently tap the brakes to make some corners. This also adds variety to the long swooping bends.

I made sure the track was accessible to new players, but still allowing advanced players to have a challenge.

Please view my video diary on YouTube below:

*Within the descriptions of the YouTube videos there are my thoughts and insights for each part of the video diary*