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Following my work on F1 Race Stars I began working with the Formula One team. My first game with the team was F1 2013 and I remained with the team up until the completion of F1 2015. Below are details of my work on each project.

F1 2015 (Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC)

My time on this project saw me working across most of the games tracks doing various tasks. F1 2015 was released on the 10th July 2015


During my time on F1 2015 I was promoted to an Experience Level Designer and was given more responsibilities. These included:

  • Leading a small team of 3-5 people and being the first point of contact for any camera related issues
  • Liaising with the tools development team to create and improve Codemasters tools
  • Training members of staff and work experience placements
  • Providing feedback on other team members work
  • Organising and distributing work to other team members
  • Interviewing potential employees
  • Chasing down bugs and ensuring they are actioned upon


Along with the above responsibilities I carried out work on the following aspects of the game:

  • Placement of complex replay, intro, outro and pit lane camera sequences
    • Multiple cameras where there used to be only one in previous games
    • Context sensitive camera set-up (Overtake, crash, helicopter and other special circumstance specific cameras)
    • Whole sequence used visual scripting to give us a lot of control over the sequence
  • Tuning the AI’s performance around various tracks
  • Designing main game features
    • New replay system
    • Working with code and other teams to ensure the system was implemented correctly
    • Other features designed but were put on hold due to lack of time
  • Researching various F1 tracks
    • Preparing packs for designers to use on the brand new Sochi (Russia) and Mexico tracks

Above video is an example of a replay at Mexico. (Property of OHardwick94)

F1 2014 (Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC)

F1 2014 was released on the 27th October 2014.


F1 2014 was sort of a stop-gap whilst F1 2015 was in development and was released so fans had one final game on the previous generation of consoles. As such there was a smaller team working on the game and I was one of the sole designers working on the project. My tasks included:

  • Placing entire replay, intro and outro sequences for new tracks
  • Tuning AI across a number of tracks for new cars and handling models

For more information on the above see the F1 2013 section below.

An example of a replay sequence can be seen in the above video (Property of Thomas Stell)

F1 2013 (Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC)

F1 2013 was released on the 4th October 2013.


Part of my job included tuning the cars AI to achieve the quickest possible times whilst maintaining a smooth and realistic racing line.

    • Completing this task was done using Codemasters’ in-house tools.
    • Each track had to have the AI tuned across multiple grips, weather conditions, extents and eras.
    • I created AI splines for the cars to follow.

Tuning the games AI was a task which required a keen eye to spot where to shave those valuable tenths, hundredths and even thousandths of a second off a lap time to allow the AI to be competitive in the final game.

Coupled with this I was also responsible for many of the tracks Dynamic Racing Lines (DRL) which gives players hints on where they should be driving on the track along with when they should brake. This involved me ensuring there was enough warning for players when they were approaching corners


Another major task on the project was the creation of replay sequences which would allow the player to review the entire race as if it were a real broadcasted race.

  • Placing, animating and modifying cameras to create sequences for replays.
      • Cameras were created by taking game positional data into 3DS Max.
      • The in-house tools where then used to modify the camera settings such as Field of View (FOV) and shake properties.
      • Cameras were tweaked to get the perfect shot which showed off the action on the track.
      • I was also responsible for some of the tracks intro and pit lane cameras.

An example replay can be seen in the video above (Video property of filippo90)